Top 4 places to Visit While You’re in Minnesota

The first place that any tourist should go to, is none other than the big city of Minneapolis. Here, you’ll find everything you need to start off your adventure in Minnesota. And with a variety of entertainment centers such as sports arenas, parks, clubs or bars, this city is sure to always keep you on your toes. More than that, there are art museums such as The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. But if you’re feeling a bit more gitty and prefer a chill and relaxing moment with some good music, then head on over to Downtown Minneapolis and you’ll find multiple live music venues. A lively and happy city such as this is sure enough to make your stay worthwhile already. 

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

If you’re not a fan of city life, and would much prefer the life of the outdoors then the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is just for you. With the area connected by multiple glacier streams and lakes, canoeing is the best and most fun way to get around. With scenic routes and and an amazing view, you’re sure to have a fresh breath of air while traversing the waters of this area. 

But if you don’t like canoeing for some reason, then walking by land is also accessible to everyone. You can even set up camp in designated sites to fully experience the wildlife that nature has to offer. 

Saint Paul 

However, while you’re in the state of Minnesota, then not visiting the ever so famous Saint Paul is a crime in itself. Being adjacent to Minneapolis, they form a huge metropolitan area and have therefore been called the Twin Cities. 

And while you’re there, you can visit the gorgeous Renaissance style Minnesota State Capitol Building, where you’ll be able to take as many pictures you want and immerse yourself with some nostalgia. More to it than that, there is also Landmark Center for more iconic places to visit. 

Grand Marais 

Finally on this list, is the Grand Marais. It is a small village with a considerable amount of habitants, but that is not what makes it such an amazing place to visit. What makes it memorable and a sight to behold is its stunning location being next to a double harbor that sits right on the edge of Lake Superiors’ North Shore.

This location is also the start of the Superior Hiking Trail, which would take you to multiple scenic points that oversee Lake Superiors’ shore. And the trail can also lead all the way up to Canada, so that’ll definitely be a hike worth trailing. 

And there’s more to that small village as well. Because that village is actually starting to become an art hub with multiple establishments selling paintings, sculptures and such. So if you want to immerse yourself with some art while enjoying an astounding view of the Lake, then Grand Marais is definitely the place to go for you. 

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