Three Must-Do’s in Riyadh, K.S.A.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to be one of the most impressive and richest countries out there. With over a dozen cities, a huge landmass filled with countless deserts, and what seems like an unlimited source of oil, it’s a place where one can live out their wildest dreams. 

As long as you follow its rules and regulations of course, and respect their culture and way of life. And though that may hinder one’s ability to have fun here, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any. So here are three must-do’s in the city of Riyadh Saudi Arabia

#1 The Sky Bridge. 

The city of Riyadh has one very distinct building in the middle of it all. The Kingdom Tower as they call it, overlooks the capital city in a spectacular fashion. And people can have the chance to see the city from the skies as well. 

The Kingdom Tower has a mall at the bottom of it, and within that mall, is an elevator that you can take to get to the 99th floor. You have to pay a small fee, but trust me, it’s all worth the trouble. Because once you set foot on the sky bridge, you’ll really feel as if you were part of it. 

With window panels on both sides, you can cross the sky bridge with a view of Riyadh, unlike any other way you could see it. This is why it is a must-do on this list and any other list as well! 

#2 Quad Biking. 

Just outside of the city outskirts, is a desert that almost seems endless. And somewhere along that hot and long road, are the Red Sand Dunes. Here, you can pretty much explore the desert without having to worry about getting lost or anything. 

And the best way to explore it is by renting out a quad bike for a very cheap price! Or you can bring your own, or even drive your off-road car along the dunes and see how it fares. Just be safe and considerate with the other drivers as well. 

Besides that, the best way to actually enjoy these dunes is during the early mornings, because that’s when the temperature drops and you’ll have a nice and enjoyable stay without getting thirsty or having a heat stroke. 

#3 Eat Shawarma. 

Turkish food is a staple here in the Kingdom, as foods such as kabsa, biryani, sambosa, and so much more! And the best part? The people here don’t really care much for serving sizes so prepare to have tons of food at your plate from the beginning! 

And the most famous of these, in my opinion, is the shawarma. It’s beef or chicken wrapped in a pita with some mayonnaise and some pickles. It’s a dish served to you on the go, which makes it the sandwich of the Middle East

So if you’re looking for a quick snack around the desert or while you’re walking around the mall, then shawarma is the best way to go! Even better, you can find a shawarma shop almost anywhere! 


From eating shawarma’s, and kabsa, to quad biking along the red sand dunes, to viewing the city amidst the sky. The city of Riyadh has it all to make your stay more than enjoyable. Here, you’ll be able to live a luxurious life filled with all the good little things in life. Just make sure you know the rules when you get here. …

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