Three Must-Do’s in Riyadh, K.S.A.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to be one of the most impressive and richest countries out there. With over a dozen cities, a huge landmass filled with countless deserts, and what seems like an unlimited source of oil, it’s a place where one can live out their wildest dreams. 

As long as you follow its rules and regulations of course, and respect their culture and way of life. And though that may hinder one’s ability to have fun here, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any. So here are three must-do’s in the city of Riyadh Saudi Arabia

#1 The Sky Bridge. 

The city of Riyadh has one very distinct building in the middle of it all. The Kingdom Tower as they call it, overlooks the capital city in a spectacular fashion. And people can have the chance to see the city from the skies as well. 

The Kingdom Tower has a mall at the bottom of it, and within that mall, is an elevator that you can take to get to the 99th floor. You have to pay a small fee, but trust me, it’s all worth the trouble. Because once you set foot on the sky bridge, you’ll really feel as if you were part of it. 

With window panels on both sides, you can cross the sky bridge with a view of Riyadh, unlike any other way you could see it. This is why it is a must-do on this list and any other list as well! 

#2 Quad Biking. 

Just outside of the city outskirts, is a desert that almost seems endless. And somewhere along that hot and long road, are the Red Sand Dunes. Here, you can pretty much explore the desert without having to worry about getting lost or anything. 

And the best way to explore it is by renting out a quad bike for a very cheap price! Or you can bring your own, or even drive your off-road car along the dunes and see how it fares. Just be safe and considerate with the other drivers as well. 

Besides that, the best way to actually enjoy these dunes is during the early mornings, because that’s when the temperature drops and you’ll have a nice and enjoyable stay without getting thirsty or having a heat stroke. 

#3 Eat Shawarma. 

Turkish food is a staple here in the Kingdom, as foods such as kabsa, biryani, sambosa, and so much more! And the best part? The people here don’t really care much for serving sizes so prepare to have tons of food at your plate from the beginning! 

And the most famous of these, in my opinion, is the shawarma. It’s beef or chicken wrapped in a pita with some mayonnaise and some pickles. It’s a dish served to you on the go, which makes it the sandwich of the Middle East

So if you’re looking for a quick snack around the desert or while you’re walking around the mall, then shawarma is the best way to go! Even better, you can find a shawarma shop almost anywhere! 


From eating shawarma’s, and kabsa, to quad biking along the red sand dunes, to viewing the city amidst the sky. The city of Riyadh has it all to make your stay more than enjoyable. Here, you’ll be able to live a luxurious life filled with all the good little things in life. Just make sure you know the rules when you get here. …

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Three Best Things to Do in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is an Arab country that is highly considered to be one of the richest and well off places to be in. From golden Lamborgini’s to owning tigers as pets, UAE is a place where luxury is the norm. 

And there is no other place here that shows that then the city of Dubai! We all know it as the home of the famous Burj Khalifa, but what’s more to it really? Well, here are three of the best things you can do while staying in the Gulf Tiger

#1 Shopping. 

Considered to be the shopping center in the Gulf, Dubai boasts itself as one of the world’s best places to shop. Literally embodying the shop till you drop motive! 

Especially since the city has one of the largest malls you will ever set foot on. The Dubai Mall is a massive super mall that probably has two or more of the same stores in it. Here, you’ll find everything you need, and then find more of it too! 

So if you visit Dubai, make sure your pockets run deep, because, in this city, you really will shop till you drop! 

#2 Go Skiing. 

Never once, in the history of all mankind, did people think of skiing in the middle of the desert. Yet, Dubai has more than once exceeded the world’s expectations, especially with Ski Dubai. 

Here, you can enjoy artificial snow indoors, along with some pretty crazy and fun activities to do in the snow too! And I mean, skiing down 1,300-foot drops, snowboarding, and even a chairlift

No one would’ve ever thought it be possible to do such a thing, but you can! And you can only do it, in the one and only Dubai! 

#3 Visit the Burj Khalifa. 

The highest point known to man, where one can actually stand-in, is the peak of the Burj Khalifa. This pointy and impressive piece of architecture stands above all of Dubai and is open to the public to explore. 

Here, you can visit the mall below it first and maybe get some snacks to go along with your trip. Next, you just have to hop on an elevator that’ll take you to the top of the Burj Khalifa. And there, you will be able to see all of Dubai in all its glory. 

So make sure you aren’t afraid of heights because trust me, it’s a long way back down to the ground from this point! But the view from the top makes it all worth it. 


Dubai is considered to be one of the richest cities in the world. With luxury being its main selling point, you can live out your wildest dreams in the Gulf Tiger. From quad biking in the sands to skiing in Ski Dubai, or from shopping in Dubai Mall to exploring the peak of Burj Khalifa, and so much more. Dubai is a city that has an abundance of fun, so make sure to drop by when you get the chance! …

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Three Destinations in Frankfurt, Germany, that You Shouldn’t Miss.

Frankfurt, Germany is also known as the banking and economic capital of the country. Its skyscrapers absolutely cover the sky, making that skyline one of the most spectacular ones you would ever see in the world, and is only rivaled by the one that Manhattan has in New York. It is a city of hustling and bustling and will be one of the most active ones you will see in all of Germany. 

But is that all there is to Frankfurt? The truth is, no! This city has way more to offer the traveler than a gorgeous skyline and busy streets. But you will need a guide in order to find the best places to visit. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! So here are the top three tourist destinations in Frankfurt, Germany. 


Römerberg is a great way to start your stay in Frankfurt! It is located at the center of the Old Town, which is an area where folks have preserved the traditional architecture way back before skyscrapers were even in the area. This means it is a great spot to learn more about the ancient times of the city and stand in awe of how beautiful the architecture was even before then! 

And that is not all that you can do in this great part of town! During Christmas, this is the center of one of the biggest and brightest Christmas Markets. It’s a market where you will be able to see local businesses and stand erected all across the city and buy some pretty cool clothes or food for a cheaper price! So if you’re looking for a lively and fun way to enjoy the city of Frankfurt, then Römerberg is the way for you! 


This part of town is a little bit different from the rest. You see, Palmengraten is more of an escape from the hustle and bustle in the city. It is home to the largest botanical garden in Frankfurt, so come here if you want to take a break from all the urban lifestyle we’re all so used to. Here, you’ll be able to experience some of the most exotic and rarest types of flowers in the world, but make sure not to pick them up as they are not for picking! 

Overall, Palmengraten is a nice way to relax and get one with nature again after all that walking in the city and visiting this and that. So make sure to drop by whenever you get the chance and appreciate some of the best flowers in the world! 

Eiserner Steg. 

Considered to be the most famous bridge over the Main River; the Eiserner Steg is one place that every couple should definitely go to! It is the bridge that connects Frankfurt with the neighboring city Sachsenhausen and has actually been a must-see tourist destination ever since 1868. This is because even though there are a number of bridges all over the Main River, this is the only one dedicated to pedestrians, and who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy the Main River flows below you. 

But the main reason you should definitely visit this place is to add you and your partners’ love lock. That’s right, this is the famous spot where couples would often lock their names on the side of the bridge and signal their love for each other as an everlasting symbol. It is a great and romantic way to spend a day in Frankfurt. 


Although Frankfurt is known to be a busy city, it is also considered to be one of the grandest and lively ones as well. It may not have the many national sights that Berlin has, but Frankfurt manages itself with its own set of unique tourist destinations. So if you’re ever looking for a city to visit in Germany, then Frankfurt is definitely the one to go to first! …

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The Best Place to Travel to in Asia.

Asia is known for her out of this world norms, exotic beauty, remote islands, and an overwhelming sense of adventure. And it is rightfully so, as the continent involves so many countries, resulting in so much diversity in terms of culture. Asia proves herself as one of the top places to go to around the world. 

But with Asia being such a huge continent, and at times, our wallets having limits, it can be tough to know which places we should go to first. Enters this article, where we tell you some of the best countries to travel to in Asia, starting with: 

The Maldives. 

Located miles away across the Indian Ocean, are 1,200 islands for you to explore and experience. If you want to get the best Asian experience, then the Maldives is the place to go. With white sand beaches that can be found everywhere, lush tropical landscapes, crystal clear open waters, exotic foods, and so much more, you’ll find that the Maldives is nothing short of paradise

And paradise is putting it mildly! The place is absolute heaven on earth, with some of the best tourist destinations in the world as well. So if you’re looking for a place to spend your vacation with your family, then the Maldives is the place to go. 


How about we take a step back into civilization and talk about the wonders of Tokyo, Japan. Here, you won’t get as much of that tropical sun or white sand beaches you can get in the Maldives, but there is one thing here that no other city in the world can catch up to. And that’s it’s fast-paced speed. 

And by that, we mean, Tokyo is a place where everything and everyone has to be moving all at once. There’s no dilly-dallying, no idleness, no time to rest really. Because this city is all about the hustle and bustle. From huge shopping districts to fresh-made foods like sushi, you’ll find that Tokyo has a lot to offer you, you just have to try and keep up. 


Now, let’s get back to the islands, shall we? Well, what another place could rival such a  beautiful place like the Maldives you might ask? Well, none other than Bali. Regarded as heaven on earth with its lush rain forests, breathtaking mountain ranges, valleys as far as the eyes can see, and beautiful beaches all around, you will start to see why it’s been called exactly that. 

There is no place quite like Bali, a place where almost everything seems surreal. If anything, the only place that comes close to it is the Maldives, and even that is in a league of its own. Either way, Bali is just one of those places that everybody should have on their list. And for good reason. 


The continent of Asia is vast and all countries have their own unique ways of welcoming tourists, along with superb experiences. Asia stands as one of the most exotic places to go to, so it is a place that everybody should visit at least once in their life. …

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The Best Sights to See in Colombia.

Have you ever felt tired of the same old buildings erecting from the ground up and all the way up to the sky? Are you sick of being in the same urban lifestyle you’ve always been in your whole life? Or maybe you want to add a little more adventure to your life is that it? 

Well, if you happen to answer yes to any of these, then have I got the place just for you! Welcome to the Republic of Colombia in South America! Here, you will be able to get a much-needed break from the old city life, and be able to explore the wild jungles of one of the most biodiverse cities in the world! But which places should you go and visit first then? Well, here are just some of the best sights to see in Colombia just for you! 

San Agustin.

The first step that you should take when visiting Colombia is the village of San Agustin. This village is home to over 500 monoliths, statues, and carvings! It is a great segway into the outside world because of its great and simple infrastructures and historical background. Speaking of history, the monoliths and statues I mentioned were actually made around 100 A.D and 1200 A.D. These artifacts from a different time are here to remind us of the ancient civilizations that used to inhabit the land. Pretty great for a start huh? 


Have you ever watched the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, if your answer is yes then chances are, you’ve seen Cartagena, or at least a recreated version of it in the movies. But if you want to experience what life was like back in those days, then there is an actual Cartagena located in Colombia. With colorful and colonial architecture, get ready to be set back in time to those days where pirates ran amock and everybody wore fancy and hot clothes. So if you’ve ever wanted to be a pirate, then this is the place just for you. 

Tayrona National Park. 

When it comes to beaches, only a few can rival the shores that Colombia has. Especially here, in Tayrona National Park. It is a place where you will be able to experience true oneness with nature and indulge in the beauty of South American beaches. But that is not all there is to this place. In Tayrona National Park, you will also be able to explore and study ancient ruins that are sure to pique your interest. And if you just want to relax, then you can also set up camp under the coconut trees near the beaches, or maybe visit the swamps or scrublands. Either way, Tayrona National Park has it all for you! 


When you want to take a break from all the hustling and bustling, or maybe enjoy some of nature’s finest, then head on over to Colombia in South America. It may be a way to go, but that is the whole point of getting away from it all really. So if you’re in need of some of the best beaches in the world, or maybe re enact your pirate dream, then you know just where to go now. …

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Best Hikes in Missouri.

Missouri is such a huge state, covered with fields and mountains that can just really bring out the inner nature lover in you. It’s these lands that make you re-think your life and see it in a much more beautiful way. And when you go and hike them, you’ll find yourself immersed in a feeling that is primal yet calming. So if you’re looking for some of the best trails to feel this feeling, here are the best places you can hike in Missouri 

Lost Valley Trail

With a distance of eleven miles, this trail is often used by mountain bikers that are just starting to get into the sport. But don’t think that is the only way to enjoy such a great trail. Because this trail is actually just as, or even more, beautiful when approached by foot. 

This trail will lead you through dozens of trials from forests, to weirdly shaped rock formations, waterfalls, and old homesteads with natural springs. This trail is sure to bring out that inner adventurer in you, and isn’t that what we all crave when we go out for a hike? 

Ozark Trail 

Now this trail may still be under construction, and actually stretches out a couple five hundred miles, it is still without a doubt one of the best trails for you to hike in Missouri. The trail is so huge actually, that it is divided up into thirteen sections just so that it can be navigated better. 

And the highlight of this whole trail? Well, it’s the entire trail itself really, but it’s also the Taum Sauk section as well. This is mainly due to the fact that you will be trekking through million-year-old mountains that make it seem like you’re an adventurer discovering them for the first time. And it’s not just rocky rough surfaces on this trail, because along the way you’ll also be able to encounter verdant glades and rolling forests that are sure to make anybody stop and meditate for a while. 

Natural tunnel Trail

From the name itself, this trail will direct you to one of the most beautiful geological wonder in the world. The natural tunnel spans 296 feet in length, while the whole trail is just about thirteen miles in total. Though it is pretty small, and there is not much else to see, the mere sight of this natural tunnel will make you feel as if you’ve discovered a never before seen wonder in the world. And that in itself is worth all the trouble of getting there. 

Buford Mountain 

Though it may seem like your typical mountain trail at first, it is actually one of the most amazing and worthwhile views you will ever get in this great state. To get to the top, you’ll need to dig deep in order to keep going. But trust me when I say this, the peak is absolutely worth every sweat. 

Once you do get to the peak, not only will you be able to catch a glimpse of most of the state, but if you stay the night, you will be able to see the night sky absolutely erupt with some of the most beautiful stars you will ever see. Now tell me, is that not worth it? …

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Top 4 places to Visit While You’re in Minnesota

The first place that any tourist should go to, is none other than the big city of Minneapolis. Here, you’ll find everything you need to start off your adventure in Minnesota. And with a variety of entertainment centers such as sports arenas, parks, clubs or bars, this city is sure to always keep you on your toes. More than that, there are art museums such as The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. But if you’re feeling a bit more gitty and prefer a chill and relaxing moment with some good music, then head on over to Downtown Minneapolis and you’ll find multiple live music venues. A lively and happy city such as this is sure enough to make your stay worthwhile already. 

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

If you’re not a fan of city life, and would much prefer the life of the outdoors then the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is just for you. With the area connected by multiple glacier streams and lakes, canoeing is the best and most fun way to get around. With scenic routes and and an amazing view, you’re sure to have a fresh breath of air while traversing the waters of this area. 

But if you don’t like canoeing for some reason, then walking by land is also accessible to everyone. You can even set up camp in designated sites to fully experience the wildlife that nature has to offer. 

Saint Paul 

However, while you’re in the state of Minnesota, then not visiting the ever so famous Saint Paul is a crime in itself. Being adjacent to Minneapolis, they form a huge metropolitan area and have therefore been called the Twin Cities. 

And while you’re there, you can visit the gorgeous Renaissance style Minnesota State Capitol Building, where you’ll be able to take as many pictures you want and immerse yourself with some nostalgia. More to it than that, there is also Landmark Center for more iconic places to visit. 

Grand Marais 

Finally on this list, is the Grand Marais. It is a small village with a considerable amount of habitants, but that is not what makes it such an amazing place to visit. What makes it memorable and a sight to behold is its stunning location being next to a double harbor that sits right on the edge of Lake Superiors’ North Shore.

This location is also the start of the Superior Hiking Trail, which would take you to multiple scenic points that oversee Lake Superiors’ shore. And the trail can also lead all the way up to Canada, so that’ll definitely be a hike worth trailing. 

And there’s more to that small village as well. Because that village is actually starting to become an art hub with multiple establishments selling paintings, sculptures and such. So if you want to immerse yourself with some art while enjoying an astounding view of the Lake, then Grand Marais is definitely the place to go for you. …

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The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys – also known as the island of the keys – consists of many islands that extend from the southeastern part of Florida. This island used to be inhabited by the Calusa and Tequesta – Native American tribes – in the early days.

The Florida Keys is home to the only coral reef in the United States and serves as a great tropical destination, fishing ground and a nice view of palm-lined stretches of sand. 

Your visit to the Florida Keys can be as relaxing or action-packed as you want. As an adventure-seeker, you can test your fishing skills, get close and personal with sea creatures or go for a dive to explore a famous shipwreck.

When to Visit.

You can visit in April, May or November – there’s lesser rain and the weather’s reliable –  or early December if you need more time and space to stroll, fewer crowds and nice treats.

How to Get There.

There are direct flights available from many cities in the United States to the Key West International Airport. This airport has many road transportation options, from shuttle services to car rentals. You’ll find getting around Key West to be quite easy and fun too.


There are B&B and boutique accommodation options available to spoil you. You’ll find out that the best accommodations in the Florida Keys separate you from all of the noise, allowing you to take in the region in its natural state. For example, the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa can be accessed via boat or seaplane and is an excellent choice if you love your privacy or desire a romantic getaway.


Since the Florida Keys are surrounded by ocean views everywhere you turn, it makes a lot of sense that the top restaurants you’ll find here would lean greatly toward seafood delicacies. For example, Latitudes will offer you the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico while Blue Heaven in Key West is a top choice for shrimp melt. 

Moving Around.

For moving around, you can make use of different transport options from seaplanes, boats, ferries, shuttle services to car rentals.

Fun Activities.

You can pay a visit to the local art galleries and museums, shop for only-in-the-Keys gifts, hang out with the locals or on a hammock.  You’ll find unique attractions like the Turtle Hospital –where you can learn about the region’s ecology and see the amazing animals up-close.  The public parks are great for whiling away time. If you’re a history lover, book a trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park.

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